To download or not to download windows phone 8.1 developers preview

I love the windows phone user interface from as long as I remember. I always wanted a windows phone, they had the best user interface ( according to me) on any smartphone. I had received my first windows phone when I was 16, it was a NOKIA LUMIA 520 and I loved it (a lot). But there was always something about the way things are done and app availability made me frustrated and question the reason why I didn’t go for an android phone. But there came the news of Windows Phone 8.1 update, I was very exited and eager to install the update on my phone and knowing Microsoft I knew they would deliver the update to my Lumia 520. Finally the time had come( April 14 ) and i installed the developers preview.

So here it is… I finally have windows phone 8.1 on my phone and I loved it. I loved cortana, the notification center, transparent tiles and everything about it. But as I started to use my phone more and more I started to encounter a lot of bugs which started to annoy me again.

One of them are the facebook application which I hated all along my journey with windows phone. It was crap, I use facebook a lot and I can’t go through a day without looking at my friends posts and occasionally chatting with them. It was crappy, buggy, unreliable, and slow. That’s the only reason I don’t recommend windows phone to my friends. And the problem with 8.1 is it doesn’t seamlessly integrate with facebook anymore it needs the facebook app to do so. And it doesn’t do its job correctly. When i try to sync my contacts from the facebook it says unable to sync, no matter how many times I try. And the most annoying thing is that if I logout from the facebook app all the contacts in my peoples hub loose their contact pics which is very very annoying to me.

The other glitch I encountered is when I take a pic from the camera app and try to delete it, it doesn’t get deleted and it usually takes about 4 or 5 times tapping the delete button to finally succeed in doing so.

But as of today after receiving 2 more updates from microsoft it became a bit more stable and user friendly than before which is always a good thing. So to answer the question of whether to install the developer preview or wait for the actual release is that if u are keen on the features windows phone 8.1 brings to the table and don’t care about these silly glitches and bugs then go ahead and download it, i’m sure u’ll enjoy it. But if u want a stable and reliable experience then don’t.

In case u want to install the developers preview follow this link

If u don’t know the features windows phone 8.1 brings to the table, then this video will help you with just that.

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